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About Me

So Much Time, So Little to Learn About Me

…strike that, reverse it

And that’s how I feel everyday (insert weary-faced emoji). Why….well let’s start at the beginning; I promise I’ll keep it short. I have six kids…okay, I’m done!

But really, I was blessed with six amazing kids. What makes my life interesting is that their ages span twenty years. It was only a few years ago that I had one in preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, and college all at the same time! Then fast forward a couple more years and SURPRISE…one more baby was on the way. Did I mention I was 38 years old and cried at the thought of going back to stinky diapers, sore nipples, and sleepless nights? “Surprised” was an understatement and, like I explained to my older kids, birth control doesn’t always work.

So to Break it Down…

I have two adult kids; Panda (24) and Toshi (21) who are adulting as we speak. Then there is E (18) and Bean (16) who are completely invested in sports and of course girls, but mostly girls (insert another weary-faced emoji).  And lastly, Quinny (11) who loves basketball and thinks YouTube stars are the coolest; and the family princess Miss Grace (4) who thinks she knows the words to every song on the radio. Just in case it comes up, we are your quintessential modern family of “yours, mine, & ours”. Although he is very much my child, like the others, E was born of my husband’s first marriage. Thirteen years ago we became a family of six, then +1+1=8

What About Me!!

Hi, I’m Jenn! A mother, a behavior specialist, a business owner, wife of a scientist, and lover of all things fermented; especially if it’s made with water, barley, yeast, & HOPS.

I spent many years working in the autism field, for which I am most humbled by. I spent countless hours in the homes of families, helping to train and support them on their journey. I later received my teaching credential & master’s degree in Special Education and worked as a public school teacher.

Fast Forward to the Present…

After 20 years of helping watch my kids, I knew it was time to give the grandparents a break! With a new little hop on the way, I decided the commute & my time away was too much for our family’s needs. Now I spend my time going to play dates with friends from MOMS Club® (for which I am a board member), taxiing kids around to practices, replenishing the pantry, running a handmade craft business, supporting our beer & wine making supply shop that’s ran by my amazing husband, and of course….enjoying a nice HOPPY beer.

What’s My Scoop?

With a background in behavior, 2 marriages, & 20+ years of parenting, I’ve got a lot to say about raising kids in different stages of life. Where to take them, what to feed them, how to keep them entertained, etc. Plus things to do to maintain my own sanity; like traveling, crafting, organizing, and enjoying adult beverages…yay!

So please feel free to pour yourself a glass and read on….

kids dressed for Halloween
Halloween 2017
Family wedding picture
Our Wedding in 2008
Family Christmas picture
Christmas Eve 2016