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3 Activity Suggestions For The Shy or Quiet Child

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When you’re looking to motivate your children with some after school activities that get them away from the TV or video games, it can be tough.

Some children are just not natural extroverts and don’t find great enjoyment in taking part in organized activities with lots of other kids. Others are just not that into sports and would rather snuggle up on the sofa with a good book than fight to the death over a soccer ball.

If you’re looking at some ways to instill a bit of variety into your child’s weekly routine, we take a look at some alternative activities for the shy or quiet child.

Choir or Music lessons

No running around and not as much interaction with other children, but something that will help your child express their deep emotions. They may enjoy being lost in a large group and like the anonymity that a large choir or orchestra gives them but they will also be given the chance to learn and perform, which can open up a newfound desire to be part of something bigger.

Most schools have opportunities to participate in a choir or group instrument lessons, but for those that don’t, there are a lot of community options available.

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Non-team sports

There are plenty out there and some that have real benefits for a child’s overall well-being, as well as equipping them with skills for life. Some individual sports activities like swimming can take place all year round, which is a real bonus for children who love consistency. So try searching for winter swim lessons for kids if you’re starting later in the year.

When your child can swim, vacations spent on the beach become all the more fun and you’ll feel safer knowing your child has the basics under their belt.

Quiet activities

Traditional crafts are making a real come back, so one activity your child might enjoy is sewing or knitting. Not just for girls, boys too will enjoy the chance to create amazing clothes, decorations, or even toys. Plus, like swimming, they will learn a skill that they will be able to carry through on into adulthood.

Children and their personalities come in all manner of shapes and sizes. For every child that enjoys throwing themselves around a soccer field or taking part in team competitions, there will be a child who prefers to stay out of the limelight. These children too need variety and the chance to learn new skills in their after school life.

While it can be hard to persuade your introvert to try anything new, often once they’ve done something going back is made much easier. Have them sign-up with a friend to make the first steps less stressful. Then watch them flourish as they grow in confidence and skill.

Equip them with skills for life, such as swimming that will give them a boost of confidence in the water and give them the chance to grow.

If your child is quiet and an introvert, don’t try and fight their personality but instead find ways of bringing it out with activities that complement their slow-to-warm temperament.

Is your child shy or quiet? Here are some ideas for activities you can get them involved in that may suit their personality @onehoppymomma
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  • Adventure Aficionado

    Really glad to see that there are some wonderful suggestions for a shy child. I think it is great that we see the world from their perspective and find ways to make sure they feel included and have fun in the activities they are doing, and that may not always be the case with some games, since they make not feel as comfortable as other outgoing kids.

  • Eric Gamble

    love your activities for the shy quiet child. These all work for any child really but I was trying to remember what my parents did for my sister who was far more introverted than I was. I was the bull in the china shop…but my poor sister was the china shop.
    However, my parents got her involved with music and definitely a lot of solo sport activities. Don’t get me wrong they involved her in classes with other children and even group stuff like scouts. But they never pressured her.
    In new orleans, I have also been seeing a lot of programs being offered for kids and adults alike at our local Library. My sister LOVED to learn and read. So I definitely recommend checking out your local library as many of their kids programs are often free too!

  • hittler khan

    It’s hard to find experienced people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  • tcleland88

    These are great ideas! Lessons of any type (art, music, swimming) are always good for kids. Shy children often benefit from one-on-one instruction. Maybe an older relative or neighbor could teach the child sewing or woodworking.

  • Ashley K.

    I was one of those shy children who had no interest in sports. All I wanted was to read and write. These are all such great ideas to help shy/quiet children find new interests and get out a little.

  • Nursery Rhymes Girl

    I really love your idea.. I wish someone in my family read this type of a post before years…………
    I love the way you think and I’m sure you must be a great mom! No doubt. Happy blogging!

  • Nicole Marie

    These are some great ideas! I think its super important to help your kids find what interests them and this certainly helps

  • Anagha

    I agree with you. Music choir is best idea to make the shy child involve or enjoy things 🙂 I think art groups are also helpful.

  • Pool Operator Talk

    swimming lessons are extremely important for a child. Whether they are shy or outgoing, own a swimming pool or not. Sadly, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1 – 4yrs in the U.S. (outside congenital defects) and the number one reason cited for such a high number of drownings in the age group is lack of swim ability. It we broaden the age group to 1 to 14 yrs, automobile accidents becomes the number one cause, followed closely by drowning. Swimming lessons may be one of the most important investments one can make for the safety of a child.

  • Holli

    Thanks for the ideas! I have 4 kids and 1 is very shy …we have the dogs and goats that help keep her busy. She has no interest in much else, but as long as she is happy, then i am!:)

    • Abu Zaid

      This could be another solution for parents that have shy kids. Thank you for share about this

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