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Avoiding Those Family Vacation Meltdowns

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So you’ve waited all year for this very moment. The moment when you know your family vacation right around the corner. The suitcases are almost packed, the kids are more excited than they’ve ever been in their life. You’re ready to finish your last day at work, and you can’t help but feel the excitement, even if you know that stress is going to come with it.

It’s awesome to look forward to your long-awaited trip, but when it is a family vacation there is only so much excitement you can fit in before you start to think about how you’re going to have to look after the kids, keep them entertained, and possibly deal with their daily meltdowns. Then there’s the fact that you have to do all of this in a state or country that is most likely going to have different weather then your own.

So from someone who’s traveled a lot with kids both young & older kids, these are some great tips you can use to reduce those family vacation meltdowns. Then you can actually feel as though you’re having a peaceful family bonding trip! So keep on reading, and see what you think!

Pack The Right Essentials

Packing is the most frustrating part of going on a family vacation. It’s not as though you only have your own clothes and essentials to worry about, you have to think about every single thing that your kids are going to need too. So I’ve compiled in one place some of my favorite must-have essentials to take when traveling with young children, to help you decide what items to include on your packing list.

Another must-have item that seems to get left out, simply because sometimes it’s hard to imagine the difference in the environment, is bug spray. Just because you might not get but bites, it doesn’t mean that your children will be able to avoid those pesky critters too. It’s often hard for children to understand why they’ve got a super big, itchy red bump that’s driving them mad and causing unnecessary discomfort. Which of course then leads to even more of a meltdown when you have nothing to put on it. So something I have to have on hand is stingose spray or their gel version. It is definitely something you should be packing, even as just a precaution!

You should also think about packing some games, toys, and activities. Especially since you don’t want your kids to spend the whole time on electronics, but you need to be able to keep them entertained, and this is the perfect option.

Keep Daily Activities High

It’s all well and good wanting a chilled out relaxing family vacation, but with kids, this is not always the way the cookie is going to crumble. Your kids are not going to just sit next to you and soak up the sun. Just playing in the pool isn’t always going to be enough after a day or two. So book a few fun, kid-friendly excursions that you can go on. Perhaps to a water park, or a water sports day. It just gets their adrenaline and excitement pumping, and it definitely will get them tired so they will sleep better at night.

Go With Their Flow

Half of the time, children are having meltdowns because they’re going with your flow, and often it’s not what they want to do. So as much as possible, let them guide what the holiday should be like. Most of the time they’ll want to play in the pool or go to the kid’s club, and it’s so easy to facilitate that when on vacation!

How to avoid those family vacation meltdowns. Tips from a mom that travels a lot with young kids #familyvacation #travelingwithkids


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