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3 Reasons to Visit Kidspace Museum

Visit Kidspace Museum

Like all moms, I am always looking for new and educational places to take my kids for some family fun. Surprisingly, we had never taken a field trip to Pasadena to visit Kidspace Museum. After looking at their site for what activities they had to offer, I could see there were plenty of great exhibits and play areas to explore for both preschool and elementary aged kids.

With all the activities they had listed and the distance being a little farther than what’s considered local, we decided to make a day of it and arrive right at opening. Not to mention, the temperature in Pasadena can be hot in the summer. Since many activities were outside, we want to start early to beat the heat. I also wanted to make time for the kids to play in the water areas before they got too crowded (*don’t forget to bring water shoes & a towel!).

Imaginative playing activities
Imagination at work!

1. Imaginative Play

The main pavilion, called the Digging Deeper Gallery, was full of imaginative and hands-on activities. There was an adorable puppet theater with a stage area for story creating fun, a make-believe camping area with a tent and a pretend pond full of plenty of fish to catch, and a dinosaur dig for future archeologists to uncover artifacts & bones. There were also areas for your building imagination that had materials such as wood tiles with slates and a suction cup wall. Your kids can also get their craft-on in the Imagination Workshop by creating amazing art with both traditional and non traditional materials, as well as tinkering with electronics on Technology Tuesdays.

Excellent science exhibits
Exploring the world around them

2. Science Exploration

My 10-year-old science loving kid was right at home in the Nature Exchange section of the pavilion. There he was able to examine live creatures and fossil for which he was able look up info about in the provided library. Although he did not bring any rocks or minerals for the exchange program, he was able to take in their vast collection and ask the museum’s play facilitator questions. Outside we were able to visit a working greenhouse. Probably the most fun for him was seeing science in action in the main interactive exhibits of the Galvin Physics Forest. There he got to pick himself up with a pulley system, use water & air to launch a bottle rocket, and create kinetic energy on the wheel roll.

Keeping kids active
Lots of room to climb & play

3. Physical Activities

Before the day was over, we got in plenty of exercise with many fun physical activities. Inside the pavilion, there were three different climbing features to explore. Outside, Kirby’s Kids Corner had tricycles, slides, and a water play area for younger visitors. Further up the hill, we discovered a set of ponds connected by a stream for kids to climb around and cool off (hence, the earlier comment about making sure to bring water shoes & a towel!). With a beautiful canopy of trees, it was surprisingly cool for a hot summer day. My 10-year-old was able to climb the rock wall and fort without breaking a sweat. In additional there was an outdoor music area with wooden chimes, drums and a xylophone set up amongst the trees.

Other Reasons to Return to Kidspace

I was really impressed with the quality of the activities at Kidspace, as well as the many museum facilitators available to help kids explore and answer inquisitive questions. In addition, the museum grounds were plush with green life which not only provide ample shade, but also made you enjoy being outside with nature. Lastly, we were able to find a nice shady spot to eat the lunch we brought in and watch the exploring that was taking place around us. Before leaving we visited the cafe for an ice cream and saw that had we not brought our own food, they had plenty of lunch items to choose from. With a Quinoa Bowl on the menu, we will definitely be buying our lunch next time we visit.  If you have every been to Kidspace Museum in Pasadena, please comment below to let my readers know what you thought about it?

3 Reasons to Visit Kidspace Museum


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