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Vacation Disasters And How You Can Prepare In Advance

Taking a vacation is one of the things that many of us look forward to. For some people, it is the one opportunity per year that they get to have some quality time with the people they love the most. Heading away somewhere lovely, enjoying great weather, fantastic experiences, and generally having the time of your life. However, things can go wrong and you may face a disaster on a trip at some point in your life. Here are some of the common situations you could encounter and how you can prepare for them in advance.

Lost Luggage

When you go on a trip the last thing that you want to lose is your luggage. However, airline companies can become complacent at the airport, and suitcases can either be delayed or go missing. This is when travel insurance can really help to cover you in terms of the assets that become lost and being able to be reimbursed for having to buy essential while on vacation. The thing you can be grateful for is that most luggage claims end with the lost items being reunited with their owners.

Falling Ill While on a Trip

Sometimes travelers fall ill or have an accident on while on vacation. This can happen when you least expect it and for a variety of reasons. It could be you fall because obstacles were not clearly marked. You may become ill because of food poisoning, or just simply your health might deteriorate due to an ongoing medical problem. In most cases, your travel insurance is there to help, but some doctors may not allow you to fly home commercially. This is when you may need to think about a private air ambulance to get you back on to your home state or county. You might be thinking how much does an air ambulance flight cost? Thankfully, there is information online that can help you to learn more so you can be informed and prepared in the event of an emergency. It might be tempting fate, but I believe it is always best to know exactly what you would do if you ever found yourself in this situation.

Missed or Cancelled Bookings

Booking hotels and accommodations separately can be a great way to get a cheap deal, but on the other side, you may find that you end up causing havoc to your travel plans if anything was to happen to that booking. A canceled reservation or a booking that is missed can really cause a lot of stress on your holiday plans. Booking a package deal can leave you better protected, or booking your accommodations on a credit card can provide you with some extra security.

Late or Cancelled Flights

Much like missed reservations that can cause havoc, so can late or canceled flights. Sometimes due to circumstances unavoidable by the airline, a flight may get delayed or canceled. This can cause you to be late for your bookings elsewhere or even miss connecting flights.

The Trip not Being What You Expected

Finally, it may be that your holiday turns out not to be what you expected it to be. It can happen when you find that the accommodation is not as you thought it was, or things are not as advertised. However, a holiday can be what you make it, so make sure you focus on what really matters, making memories with the people that you love.

Although I hope you never have to encounter any of these types of disasters while on a trip, I’m confident that being aware and prepared for some of the possible problems will help you should they ever happen.

Let me know in the comments how you’ve prepared for your trips or if you have ever had any unforeseen problems while on vacation?

Vacation Disasters And How You Can Prepare  ~ Things can go wrong while on a trip, so here are some of the common situations you could encounter @onehoppymomma #vacationplanning #traveltips #traveldisasters


  • Happi Jess

    Flight cancellations are the WORST!!! I am a mother to be and my husband and I are already planning a trip for next summer with our little guy ~thank you for sharing this, I will need some help my first go-around! ~xoxo, Jess

  • Streamed TV Fan

    We’ve all been in bad situations with family trips. It’s worse when you have children. These tips would definitely help with a calmer experience.

  • Tren B.

    I learned early on that anytime we book a flight or curise, we should always purchase vaction insurance. There have been too many times my hubby deployed after we booked trips. There were a few times, we (the girls and I) went without him. Needless to say, we also don’t book trips too far in advance, while most of our friends plan for next year.

  • Marjie Mare

    Your post comes comes at the perfect timing, as most of us are planning so vacation. I went overseas once and did not get my luggage and it was a painful experience.

  • Kitty Katie

    I feel like every time we take a vacation there is some sort of disaster. Last time my fiancé left our card at home in the safe while we were in Las Vegas. I’ll definitely be using these tips!

  • Dee

    Higher prices in tourist places is always a bummer. My kids decided they wanted to do some colouring in Mallorca. I bought colouring books at a price I could have gotten a lot cheaper in the UK. Even worse were these tiny play balls you can get a bag of 24 for £1 in a pound shop and they were selling 1 euro per ball…I wanted to keep the mood that afternoon so went with it. I travel with enough to keep them occupied now.

  • Pool Operator Talk

    I had to laugh. we went on a winter trip to Fairbanks recently and the airlines lost our luggage (for 48 hrs). We got off of the plane from our flight from Florida and the temp was -22F, sadly our coats were in our suitcases.

  • jessmaca

    We had an issue with a cancelled flight. It became a very long 11 hours spent in a small airport. Definitely recommend bringing things to do for worst case scenarios!

  • starka2004

    These are definitely things to be aware of and prepare for. I don’t always think about getting sick or injured on a trip, but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Thanks, Candice

  • Neil Alvin Nicerio

    This reminds me of the time my wife had a very bad toothache during our Japan trip. Thank God it was during our last few days there.

  • Luna S

    Great list of tips! Almost every time I go on vacation I usually forget at least one thing even if I make a list! It is usually my brush that I forget so I end up visiting a walmart or dollar store where I am visiting to get a new one.

  • tcleland88

    Vacation insurance can be useful in several of these situations, especially if traveling out of the country. Also, make sure that your airline has several flights to your destination, not just one or two a week–If that one flight is cancelled on a cheap airline, you may have to wait several days and lose valuable vacation time before getting on a new flight.

    • cheszdylan

      I had one experience and it was my first time to be at the last minute call. I arrived 20 minutes before my flight and I heard my name being announced. Haha. I thought I couldn’t make it on time. The reason was I read my time wrong since it was a military format. I only re-checked it on that very day and it sinked in.

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