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Secrets To Raising Happy Children

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Every parent wants their children to be happy. Even if you had a fantastic childhood, you want your kids to have a better upbringing than you, which will ensure they are filled with positive memories once they reach adulthood. Learn what some of my secrets are for raising happy children.

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Work on Your Own Happiness

If you want to raise happy children, then you need to be happy yourself. Children can be more perceptive than you think, so they definitely notice when you’re sad, upset, or unhappy. You, therefore, owe it to both your kids and yourself to care for your mind and body. By doing so, you will be a good example of how to act. This also helps boost their self-esteem and can prevent your children from acting out or developing behavioral problems.

Encourage Effort but Not Perfection

Most parents want the best for their children, but you must only encourage effort and not perfection. Those who emphasize the importance of perfection and achievement are reportedly more likely to raise children with higher levels of anxiety or depression. So, always encourage your son or daughter to work hard without putting too much pressure on them to be perfect or meet unrealistic expectations. Jerry Jellig talks about the different ways you can encourage improved test scores and academic performance without piling the pressure on to achieve.

Promote an Optimistic Outlook

Optimism can often be equated to happiness. If you want your children to develop a “glass half-full” approach to life, you should teach your kids the importance of developing a positive mindset.

You can promote optimism by monitoring your own behavior. For example, try not to complain in front of your kids. So, stop saying things like “we’re never going to get there”. The more you moan about your day, the more likely your children will do the same.

Be Understanding if Your Child is Shy or Quiet

Not all children are extroverts. Research has found that shyness is often a part of a child’s personality & temperament, which are intrinsic traits that are difficult to change. While you might want to help them to break out of their shell, it might be easier to work with their shyness rather than against it. You can, therefore, raise children who can be true to their personality. Pushing them too far out of their comfort zone could actually make them become more introverted, and they could consequently develop anxiety & self-doubt.

Slow Down to Match Your Child’s Pace

Adulthood can be chaotic, but children experience a much slower pace of life with less responsibilities. Avoid creating a hectic lifestyle for your child by learning to slow down and allow more time to do activities. For example, schedule more time for a trip to the grocery store or for your child‘s bedtime routine. Not only will it help to complement your child’s pace, but it will allow you both to spend more meaningful moments together, which can boost your children’s feelings of security.

Show Affection Often

It doesn’t matter if you are raising a new-born or a teenager, you should try to show your child affection often and in different ways. From saying “I love you” as they head off to school to giving them a kiss and a hug before bedtime – even if it’s been a rough day where they have misbehaved. It will provide them with a loving, warm, and secure environment that will ensure they have a happy childhood, as they will never doubt how much you love them each day.

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  • cheszdylan

    It has always been like, what they are seeing at you will eventually become a part of them. So if they always see you as an optimistic person they will have the positive mindset.

  • Matija Antonić

    It’s important to show affection to your child and to be a support to them, if you simply show your children that they can count on you they will be happy 🙂

  • Annie

    Very well-written and thought out ideas! I have heard friends talk about how they see other kids with high performance pressure parents and they say the kids are miserable. It just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine doing that to a sweet child. But I like your idea to encourage effort. That I can get on board with 🙂

  • Ceci Rey

    Who doesn’t want to raise a happy child? No matter what kind of day I am having, I tell my children that I must have 3 hugs a day. Of course my older children, now, compare me to the mother from I Love Raymond. But, that is ok…I can live with that. as long as they are happy and know that they are loved. Thanks for sharing!

  • kendallbird0622

    This are great tips! We always try to talk things out and are optimistic with our littles. I feel like it helps so much with our sons confidence.

  • tcleland88

    These are great tips! Unhappiness and negativity are contagious. If you are happy and have a positive attitude, your child is more likely to reflect those traits.

  • Amy L Coats

    So many wise words here. I love that you mention keeping things optimistic! I think it’s so important.

  • Jami

    I think you hit on some really important ideas! I especially resonate with encouraging effort and not perfection as well as slowing down to match your child’s pace. We really do live in a fast paced world, and kids are brand new to it! Things will take longer than what you were able to do on your own. As for effort and not perfection, I am an elementary school teacher. I have seen parents who expect too much from their kids too many times. These kids are scared to make mistakes!

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