New Years self-care goals
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No One Said Self-Care Was Easy!

Every year, I usually make the same resolutions… change my exercise routine, eat better (because I’m not perfect and fall of the keto wagon around the holidays), more self care activities, and take steps to be more productive (last year I bought a planner and now I’m addicted!). Simple & basic; but also doable.

This year I decided to be real with myself. HA!… not as easy as I thought. So I gave myself some time to think about it. That’s one reason that I’m posting about this so late. The other reason was that I didn’t want to commit. I’m basically dragging myself kicking & screaming into 2019.

Why the stong reaction you ask? Because like a toddler, I need to be sleep trained. No, really.. I’m serious. I know a lot of people make resolutions about getting more sleep, but for me, it isn’t that simple. Part of me wants to believe that I will never be able to fix the beast that is sleep deprivation. So I stay up too late telling myself there’s no use in getting in bed early because it’s not gonna work.

Some of you are probably saying, “oh, it must be because you’re a mom”. Yes, I have been doing this new mom thing over & over for 24 years. However, even when all my kids have reached the sleeping through the night and able to pee or slay their imaginary dragon on their own phase, there I was laying in bed trying to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep for the hundredth time.

Why Sleep Should be a Self Care Goal

I recently read an eye-opening article in The New Yorker called Why We Sleep, and Why We Often Can’t. It talked about our contemporary attitude toward sleep and that we are often pleased with our ability to “make it work” though our foggy thinking & fatigue; as if it’s a badge of honor. And so, our society just doesn’t value the need for rest. Believe me, I value my rest and definitely don’t have a sleep deprivation badge on my girl scout vest. Though after reading about Arianna Huffington’s dedicated nightly sleep ritual, I was left thinking about how I should be more intentional about making sleep part of my self-care routine. In doing so, I might just be able to train myself to sleep better by incorporating specific goals that nurture & respect my body’s need for restorative rest.

I’ve always come to rely on some type of natural sleep aid as part of my half-assed (sorry if that offends anyone, but I’m going to call it what it is.) sleep routine. Over time, I’ve discovered some really effective ones, which I will tell you about in my next post. My routine basically consists of me dragging myself off the couch – because I’m already physically tired, brush teeth, sleep aid, pee, chap-stick, earplugs, quietly getting in to bed trying not to wake my husband, then laying there fidgeting and trying to find the perfect combination of arm, feet & head positions. Ugh! So, I give you my new self-care:

Sleep Routine Goals

  1. No phone or connected devices after 9 pm
  2. No physical chores
  3. Relax with husband & watch a short show that has a clear end time
  4. Take sleep aid & meds 30 min before bed
  5. Read for 20 minutes to wind down or have sex (will post about pros to scheduling this!)
  6. Hygiene routine
  7. Go to bed at the same time as or before my husband (so I stop worrying about waking him)

And there you have. I know that I will still have trouble sleeping in the beginning, but I’m hoping that my body will realize the new routine and get with the program. I also came up with a reward because every goal needs one if you want to stay motivated. So if I can follow my new self-care routine for 2 months straight I will reward myself with a trip to the hot springs for a day of relaxation.

Now that I told you about my belated new year’s self-care goals, I’d love to hear your comments about how your resolutions are going so far?

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